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OneOrbit™ keynotes and workshops keep your people up to date, and your business on top.

OneOrbit™ Holds Corporate Keynotes and Workshops, Worldwide!

An International Space Station (ISS) Commander with business and technology leadership experience, Dr. Leroy Chiao has been an international professional speaker since 2006. He and his team have developed corporate keynotes that hit the professional and strategic points that are critical to keeping your business on top. The associated workshops tie into the keynotes, providing real-world tools to immediately impact your business and people.

SIGNATURE KEYNOTE: To the Stars! –  Leaving Complacency Behind Making – Fundamentals from Spaceflight

Complacency in any organization leads to loss of efficiency and opportunities in the best case, and loss of the business or even life in the worst. Complacency is an insidious slow- burning problem, which usually begins and builds without anyone really noticing. In this thought-provoking presentation, hear an astronaut discuss success in space exploration and business using personal spaceflight stories and photographs, as well as failures at NASA and other organizations. Introductory case studies examine the symptoms, causes and effects of organizational and individual complacency. Learn how to use mitigation and maintenance strategies to leave complacency behind in your endeavor, to reach the stars!


SIGNATURE KEYNOTE: Endeavor to the Next Level!

What does it take to jump to the next level? It takes the right kind of leadership to foster a culture, which emphasizes the rigor of operational excellence, but also encourages using collaboration, curiosity and creativity to take calculated risks and novel paths. It is also vital that your enterprise stays up to date on technology and innovation trends, to stay in the lead position.



OneOrbitTM custom workshops complement the keynotes by reinforcing the messaging through case studies and personal experiences. During our two-hour or half-day program, our engaging professional development will energize your key people, and provide them tools they can really use.


“Whether you’re onboard a spacecraft or in the board room, it’s all about your people. As a leader, your people skills are more valuable than technical ones. Learning to better recognize, blend and communicate with different types of people will give you and your organization the edge in today’s modern world.” – Leroy Chiao


What People are Saying

“Amazing how you bring in someone from a different industry with an important message and
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-Kathy Redd, CEO

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“Thank you for making our 50th anniversary celebration special, your presentation was perfect!”

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"As a veteran conference planner, I can tell you this ­ being rated as the top two presentations out of our entire conference lineup of very polished speakers ­ it just doesn't get any better!"

— Matrix Communications for Arkema Chemicals

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