School Funding Strategies

OneOrbit™ is committed to working with you to create a custom program for your school which fits your needs and budget!

We will help guide you in strategies
on funding sources including

  • .
  • Title Funds

    Title funds may be available to your school for anti-bullying, anti-drug, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) programs. These themes are addressed by OneOrbit. We can help you research availability.

  • .
  • Corporate Sponsorship

    Most corporations have funds set aside for community relations, and education/workforce development purposes. OneOrbit can help you reach out to your local corporate community.

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  • Community Funding

    Parents, relatives and friends often pay for field trips and other opportunities for children. The same level of donations would bring a OneOrbit program to your school.

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  • Events

    OneOrbit can help guide you in planning school fundraising events to support bringing a OneOrbit program to your school.

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  • individual Funding

    There are many individuals who donate to schools for educational programs. OneOrbit can help you reach out in your community.

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